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Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley have always been known for its nature nodes, great scenery, outstanding hikes, and locations with accessibility to clean rivers and lakes. This highlight brings in tourists, businesses, and potential residents. 

Recently as more people became aware of this natural beauty, it brings in people who don’t share the same respect. All our truly outstanding locations are being cluttered with garbage and broken bottles. Chilliwack once pristine hikes, rivers, highways are being polluted with garbage and rubbish left behind from people.

Our company wants to combat this growing problem in Chilliwack, and the Fraser Valley.

Those that visit parks on the regular basis have witnessed; the nonprofit organizations for those clean-ups that can't keep up with the rivers, parks, and trails.  

We believe it needs more attention and a more caring attitude towards our Nature. 

Columbia Cleaning Service is going to be an active role in helping maintain and beautify one of our 100 parks and natural areas

to help clean up litter, debris and report any dangerous or hazardous conditions to the Parks and Recreation Department.

We are looking for Volunteers that would join us on this mission.



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